Knox County Republican Party

Central Committee Members



Chip McConville



Vice Chairperson

Mary Jo Hawkins



Carol Sue Owens



Cindy Higgs


Precinct Central Committee Representative Phone Number
1-A  Mary Jo Hawkins  397-3112
1-B Debbie Malek 397-0576
1-C  Josh Kirby 397-1066
2-B  Jody Pritchard  740-815-5796
2-C Jamie Richardson 740-501-3294
3-A  Paul Dove 393-3683
3-B Bruce Hawkins 392-8106
3-C Carol Sue Owens 397-0009
4-A Jeff Gottke 740-358-8977
Berlin Dick Brenneman 694-1755
Clay-Martinsburg  Dan Offineer  740-485-0402
Clinton A Dick Laslo 740-392-6951
Clinton B  Galen Smith 393-7121
Clinton C Teresa Bemiller 393-2874
College Sandy Mizer 392-6330
Fredericktown A  Alan Kintner 694-7209
Fredericktown B  Roger Reed 694-6525
Fredericktown C
Gambier A
Gambier B Mark Ramser 427-2490
Harrison Claude Gates 740-627-7455
Hilliar A Lynn McCann 740-625-6799
Hilliar B Jason Rogers 740-501-8529
Howard A
Howard B
Howard C
Howard D  Amy VonFreymann 627-0839
Howard E
Jackson Korey Kidwell  397-7474
Jefferson  Darrel Severns 599-5590
Liberty A  Todd Fitzpatrick 740-501-6339
Liberty B
Middlebury Dick Tanner 504-4729
Milford  Betty Fockler 397-2674
Miller’ Cameron Keaton 740-504-6324
Monroe A Cindy Higgs 392-8346
Monroe B  Bill Pursel 740-397-1086
Morgan Clint Lingel 892-2347
Morris A Terry Divelbiss 392-6108
Morris B Paul Spurgeon 397-8415
Pleasant  Bill Lawhon  427-1260
Union-Gann  Brittany Whitney 740-398-7966
Wayne Diane Randall 694-1348
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Ohio GOP News

Speaking to the Youngstown Vindicator yesterday, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald continued to demonstrate how out of touch he is with Ohioans.

According to the Vindicator when speaking about driving without a license for years, FitzGerald said, “I didn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t get pulled over. I didn’t have a situation where I was getting away with something other people weren’t.“
The Ohio Republican Party released a new web video detailing how Democrat John “Carnocchio” Carney has been misleading and lying to Ohioans. “Carnocchio” Carney has been airing a negative television ad that has been labeled as false and misleading by at least three independent news organizations.